Project Details

Capital One

Timekeeper One

User Experience & Visual Design

case study

I was hired by the Business Risk Management Team at Capital One to design an app for mobile, tablet and desktop. When I came on board there were preliminary designs based on hot house sessions with users, basically a proof of concept that was not based on wireframes.

Challenges & Pain Points

The clients were a diverse group of employees who needed to book time to a range of services, sub-services & clients. This required multiple user flows based on certain criteria, such as whether they used current in-house systems where time was added by Incident Number, rather than by selecting Service, Sub-service & Client. The app needed to be clean, easy-to-use, intuitive as well as satisfying numerous functional requirements.

Based on inital meetings with users and the Hot House study that had been done, I needed to go back to the drawing board and create wireframes based on multiple user journeys and then met with users to go through each flow, working through individual pain points and numerous wireframe versions until the flow was effectively captured. The wireframing was a vital part in the design as it allowed me to capture user feedback and feed it back in to the design process.

Clients also needed to track their productivity over time, which involved creating a Productivity flow for various user types. They needed to compare their productivy to department figures, so I needed to find a way to plot diverse information graphically.

Created multiple user flows from wireframes through finished design based on user feedback

Created logo and branding, icons, color palette and styling

Designed sets of screens by user type for mobile, tablet and web

Designed marketing materials for product launch