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Kindness Central

Website, Mobile & web app for a start up with a great idea and a lot of .

case study

I was hired by a great team of brothers who are producing an app with a heart: a kindness app geared at 'making the world a better place.' Looking for funding, they wanted to present their idea in a visually inspiring format, and I helped them by designing the brand, including a little bird illustration that has become the mascot, for the Info site, the web app and the mobile app. I suggested going with a one page design for the Infosite and it worked out quite well!



Kindness Central Team
Kindness Central
Art Direction / Graphic Design / Web Design / Mobile App / Web App
Photoshop / Illustrator / Dreamweaver

client feedback

Thanks for your wonderful effort with the website and the webapp design. 
Everything looks great.


Aloysius Joseph - Kindness Central