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Website, Mobile & web app for a start up with a great idea.

case study

Habitera is a habit based health start up with the noble intention of helping people lose weight, control diabetes and live more healthily. I was employed for Habitera as a Creative Director, in charge of their complete range of digital assests, including their brand and marketing approaches. I designed their informational site, the web application and their mobile app, as well as photographing their branded imagery for their site, advertising and social media.



Habitera Team Photos
Team photoshoot for Habitera
Natural Fruit & Veg Photoshoot
Photoshoot & Post Production Habitera Series

Motion Graphics Habitera Promotion
Promotional video for launch of Habitera

Habitera Team
Art Direction / Graphic Design / Web Design / Mobile App / Web App
Photoshop / Illustrator / Dreamweaver

client feedback

"It looks awesome - has a very `fresh' appeal to the website!"


Smita Sadana (Co-Founder) - Habitera