Project Details

MSN Autos, News & money channels

UI & UX Design, UI Styleguides, Module Design within MSN Brand

case study

During my time working for TCS (Tata Consultancy Services) I was employed by Microsoft as a Senior Designer on the MSN platform. Our international team used the Agile methodology to streamline work projects and we worked with an off-shore team in India who did the development work. I worked on MSN Autos, News & Money channels and helped redesign pages when the UK & US sites transitioned to wide page. I created various new modules for all categories, working withing the existing MSN brand guidelines (sometimes stretching them a bit!) and along with the London team helped created the new wide page style guidlines, a sample of which can be viewed here.

UX & UI Design / Graphic Design / Web Design / style guidelines
Photoshop / Illustrator / Dreamweaver /

client feedback

"It looks awesome - has a very `fresh' appeal to the website!"


Smita Sadana (Co-Founder) - Habitera